My major is Business Administration, and I will be graduating in December, 2017.  My career aspirations are to obtain a job in human resources or as an accountant.

5 Ways I use accounting in everyday life:

  1. Preparing a budget
  2. Balancing my monthly income and expenses
  3. Planning my future in terms of how much money I need to save
  4. Using accounting methods to decide what kind of investments would be most profitable
  5. Deciding which credit card to use, regarding the interest rate charged


Sharing Hope through Hospitality

Point University’s Office of Spiritual Formation’s community chapel theme this year is hope. I am really excited about us as a school digging into the topic of hope. The chapel last night specifically covered discovering abundant life through hospitality. Hope has a...

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Donovan Harper

Donovan Harper ’15, a counseling and human services major, and his wife Erin recently started a college ministry through GlobalScope in Freiburg, Germany. Through the ministry, the Harpers and their team are reaching out to college students and inviting them to...

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