Point UniversityIn the final chapel of the year, Point University students, faculty, staff and community members remembered what they had been “unleashed” from over the past year. Hopelessness. Complacency. Lies. Addiction. The past.

Worship was led by students Kephren Harris, Emorie Shuler, Nicole Nipper and Re’nold Kent, and Dr. Darryl Harrison, Chief Academic Officer, interviewed a faculty panel including Professor Andrea Pope-Smith, Dr. Dedra Woolfolk, Dr. Todd Weaver, Dr. Kim Macenczak and Dr. James Donovan.

The professors shared how mentors—coaches, teachers and family members—throughout their lives had encouraged them to become who they are today. They also revealed that their true motivation for teaching at Point was not only to instruct in their respective disciplines but further to build relationships with students they teach. They believe their job does not stop when students leave the classroom or walk across the stage at graduation.

“It’s just a blessing to work in this type of atmosphere,” said Dr. Woolfolk, chair of the Math and Sciences Department. “And to be able to teach biology in light of God’s Word.”

Point UniversityVice President of Spiritual Formation and Dean of Chapel Wye Huxford challenged all students to look beyond themselves to see who they could impact. As you are unleashed from your own difficulties, you should reach out to others to help unleash them from theirs.

President Dean Collins, who spoke at the first convocation last August, concluded this year’s spiritual formation theme, “Unleashed,” by reminding the audience what we all ultimately need to be unleashed from—sin and our separation from God. Collins spoke about how Point is more than a place of education; it’s a place where students are encouraged to seek after God. Everything the Point family does centers on the strength we find in a relationship with Christ.

The chapel serviced ended with the audience linking arms, a reminder that we are stronger when we are together.


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