In light of continued hardship for our students in Savannah following Hurricane Irma, classes will remain canceled at the Savannah site location until Monday, September 18. The Savannah offices will reopen tomorrow, September 14, for faculty and staff that are able to safely report to work. Classes at the Savannah site will resume on Monday, September 18.

Dual credit enrollment classes held at partner schools will resume according to the school system in which they reside. If a school system has canceled classes, then the DCE/MOWR classes offered to students in that school system are also canceled.


Sharing Hope through Hospitality

Point University’s Office of Spiritual Formation’s community chapel theme this year is hope. I am really excited about us as a school digging into the topic of hope. The chapel last night specifically covered discovering abundant life through hospitality. Hope has a...

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Donovan Harper

Donovan Harper ’15, a counseling and human services major, and his wife Erin recently started a college ministry through GlobalScope in Freiburg, Germany. Through the ministry, the Harpers and their team are reaching out to college students and inviting them to...

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